Bank chief: focus on service, not power

Bank chief: focus on service, not power Friday, May 27, 2016 Sterling Global Financial Chairman David Kosoy said Bahamian political parties should focus more on making the country better for the people rather than gaining power. Kosoy was speaking at a launch event for Sterling Bank & Trust yesterday. In an interview on the sideline, Kosoy told Guardian Business that political parties should focus less on power. “Forget about power. Lets make the country better. Too many political parties are about ‘us’,” said Kosoy. During his contribution at the event, Kosoy insisted that the goal of political parties should be more cohesive and synonymous. The chairman said he sees a positive future for The Bahamas. “The country has to be run as a business. If you are going to be successful in the country, you have to be successful as a business,” said Kosoy. “For the government to be successful, it must be service oriented. I think when you start looking at some of the younger people coming up in the government, I think you are finding that. It is a “can do” attitude not “wait” attitude,” Kosoy added. Kosoy also spoke about the joint goal of political parties. “The goal of these political parties should be the same. Rather than running off after each other like you are seeing in politics now in the United States … I think it should be cohesive. We are not American, but we all are affected by it. I think what we would like to see, what the country should see, is cohesiveness,” said Kosoy. Source: The Nassau Guardian