New Article Explores Why ‘Digital Nomads’ Should Consider Moving to The Bahamas

The unique combination of a favorable tax structure, beautiful beaches and cities, and an appealing visa program is adding up to an enticing set of circumstances for digital nomads, according to a new article.

A recent article published on The Travel explained exactly why The Bahamas has become particularly attractive for “digital nomads,” or people who earn a living working online where they want instead of from a specified location or office.

It all starts with thriving beaches, resorts, and islands that have been world-famous tourist destinations for years.

Great weather and picturesque water views certainly don’t hurt.

But The Travel article explained the attraction for digital workers also owes to the country’s unique digital nomad visa, also known as the Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay (or BEATS) that accepts enrolled students and online workers who want to study or work remotely. Primary applicant fees are $1,000, and $500 each for accompanying dependents, and applications are often accepted or rejected within 5 business days of submission.

The main attraction for digital nomads, though, is the favorable tax structure of The Bahamas — especially that there are no income or capital gains taxes, and residents just need to take care of VAT for goods and services.

“Overall, The Bahamas offers an irresistible deal for digital nomads. Work hours can be spent in a tropical paradise and there are endless options for free time from relaxing at the beach, fantastic snorkeling, or mingling with other digital nomads amid the colorful nightlife,” the article explained.

Sterling Global Financial Limited is proud to be active in The Bahamas, where it is currently involved in several major developments, including Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina and Paradise Landing on Paradise Island.
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