Operating Platform

Sterling is vertically integrated within all aspects of our portfolio assets as either direct-owned projects, operating platforms or structured investments. On an ongoing basis, we focus on the improvement of performance and management of resources to generate superior risk-adjusted returns. 

Asset Management

At Sterling, we leverage our expertise and our portfolio to create value to support growth and achieve long-term value across multiple real estate sectors, including residential, marinas, retail, hotel, office and mixed-use properties.

Property Management

Our multi-disciplined team provides innovative solutions for proactive and forensic support you need to maintain best-in-class assets.

Marina Management

Sterling is driven to position marinas competitively to enhance profitability. As the owner-operator of multiple first-class marina properties, we understand best-practice solutions for design development, infrastructure, management and financing.

Construction Management

Drawing from significant experience, Sterling can provide effective construction management skills to ensure quality, schedule and cost requirements are met. From concept planning through ground breaking to completion, Sterling is poised to provide the best solutions to the complexities involved in real estate development.


With an in-house team of sales and marketing specialists, Sterling performs all sales and marketing functions to ensure a project’s success. Sterling’s sales professionals have sold billions of dollars’ worth of residential and commercial real estate over their careers.


With a deep history of creative commercial and residential leasing, Sterling can carefully curate a tenant mix that provide a project with a balance and strength that achieves the desired risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Advisory and Concierge Services

Sterling Advisory Services provides a full range of concierge services to clients in the areas of government and regulatory agencies including residency, yacht and airplane charters, operation of marina and retail properties, and other special concierge services.